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P&I Correspondents

As correspondent for many of the principal P & I Clubs in the market, we have acquired the sort of knowledge and experience which only comes with time and efficient working practices, but we don't just confine ourselves to the usual correspondent's activities, e.g. we offer made-to-measure solutions for vessels that need to unload their cargo.

Whether the cargo or the vessel itself is the problem, we can organise emergency guarantees with our own funds. Depending on your requirements, we can also organise onward shipping or salvage auctioning of rejected merchandise.

A non-exhaustive list of the services we are able to provide includes:

  • Pre-Entry and Full Condition Surveys
  • Assistance to Vessels in need of a Refuge Port
  • Handling of Bank Guarantees
  • Container Surveys in all Spanish Ports, including the Canary Islands
  • Salvage of rejected or damaged goods
  • Re-expedition of rejected goods to other countries





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